The Ecuadorian Coast has  67,450 Km2 (approximately 26,036 sm2) of which the majority are beautiful beaches with different types of sands, local spots filled with culture and traditions, plenty of hotels and first class roads, especially along the well known Ruta del Sol- “The Route of the Sun”, which runs along the entire coast so that you can truly relax and enjoy the sun.

However, not everything is beaches, there are also arqueological sites as well as 3 important types of ecosystems: humid forests, savannah forests and dry forests.

All filled with a great variety of flora and fauna on land as well as at sea. With all this we can give you some examples or tours for you to start or request additional information:

  • Tour Route of the Sun
  • Tour Route for Surfers
  • Guayaquil and it’s vicinities
  • Cacao Plantation Tours
  • Ecological and Arquelogical Tours
  • Scuba Diving Tours
  • Mystic Tours with Shamans (Tsachilas Tribe)
  • Birdwatching

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arasha lodge

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