Location:  It’s one of the smallest countries of South America, with an area of only 270,670 km2 (168,186 mi2), relatively the size of Colorado in the United States.  It borders the Pacific Ocean and it is crossed by the Equator, Latitude: 0o, 0’, 0’’

Language:  The official language is Spanish, but there is still a great number of natives that speak their millennium old dialect which is quichua or quechua.

Religion:  It has been calculated that more than 90% of the Ecuadorian population is Catholic.

Government:  we have a democratic government with 3 powers or branches:  executive, legislative and judicial

Currency: The official currency since the year 2000 is the US Dollar, however due to costs and logistics there are coins created to facilitate exchange.  These coins are the same size as American coins but the faces of the coins have historic figures of Ecuador.  Both, the US coins as well as the Ecuadorian coins are valid within the national territory.

Attractions:  Ecuador is placed at number 17 as one of the Mega Diverse countries worldwide.  International conservation studies also place it as first in the world in amount of species per area, it incredibly holds 9.2 species per km2.

Yet it’s richness is not only in it’s biodiversity and nature, because culturally and historically, Ecuador is categorized as the cradle to valuable indigenous settlements that knew how to love, cultivate and respect the environment until the arrival of the Inca Empire and due to it’s beauty and location became another important center of this empire with the creation of the Kingdom of Quito and home to the last Inca King, Atahualpa until the Spanish Conquista

Geographically, the country is divided into 4 regions: The Galapagos Archipelago, The Pacific Coast, The Andean Highlands and the Amazonian Region.

All this provides the possibility to combine different climatic plateaus and culture, gastronomy and nature within minutes.  It also allows us the possibility to offer a variety of activities to our guests, from fine restaurants with chefs that graduated from famous culinary schools as Cordon Blue, to extreme activities like scuba diving, biking, tours on horses, mountain hiking, rafting, etc.
According to the Ministry of Tourism there are 10 reasons to travel to Ecuador:

    1. Unique Diversity
    2. Places categorized by UNESCO as World Heritage (i.e. Galapagos Islands, Quito, Cuenca and more)
    3. plenty of adventure options
    4. Authentic Cultural Experience
    5. An example of sustainable tourism
    6. There is something for every taste
    7. Easy Access
    8. Safe and friendly
    9. A climate of everlasting Spring
    10. We have the classic attractions and new ones to be discovered.
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