Birdwatching Lodge

The Ecolodge is located in Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas, approximate 2 hours from Quito. It has 15 hectares with biodiversity has a large green landscape.

The lodge has 15 ecological cabins built with materials from the area such as bamboo, teak and laurel, seeking harmony with the environment and lessening the environmental impact. All rooms have private bathroom, hot water, fans and TV with cable. We also have tent camping areas for individual or family on the banks of River Chiguilpe. In the social areas has internet service.
The installation has restaurants with national and international cuisine, area with pool, steam room and whirlpool, karaoke and sports fields.

We organize tours and excursions:
The protected forest "La PERLA", considered the last point of Chocó in South America, this being a wet-tropical rainforest that comes from Central America. Considered one of the hot spots of the mega biodiversity.

The Botanical Garden "La Carolina", where you can observe such a rich flora and fauna of the zone
Tours of Finance, for knowing the process of growing and harvesting of agricultural products rotating in the area,
Visiting TSHACHILA community, native group based in this area better known as the Colorados, where you will see your folklore with customs, dress and traditions of this ancient tribe.

Birdwaching lodge is equipped with:
• 1 Restaurant with local National and International cuisine
• 12 ecological cabins with accommodation in double, • triple and family rooms, • Private bathroom, • Hot water, • TV cable, • Pool, • Karaoke, • Chapel, • Sports fields, • Areas for camping, • WiFi, • Area social for events.